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  • Tsuta by Chef Yuki Onishi

    Driven by his ambitious desire to create truly original flavours, Chef Yuki Onishi sought to redefine the classic Ramen experience; without any artificial components or MSG. Taking creative inspiration from premium, natural ingredients, he created the World’s First Michelin-starred Ramen eatery – Tsuta.
    Tsuta by Chef Yuki Onishi
  • Menu Philosophy

    A great deal of effort goes into engineering a bowl of Tsuta ramen. A combination of Chef Yuki Onishi’s unique Dashi ("Soup Broth"), oils and sauces come together to create a delicate, multi-layered umami flavour burst.
    Chef Yuki Onishi never believes in shortcuts. With meticulous culinary techniques and premium sourced ingredients, he creates savoury, inventive flavours that need no MSG or artificial flavouring. The taste and texture of each dish are constantly fine-tuned and revised by the chef himself.
    There is no perfect bowl of ramen. Only a delicacy that’s constantly more delicious than before.
    Menu Philosophy
  • Birth of Tsuta

    Chef Yuki Onishi came from a family of ramen chefs. His father owned a ramen shop called ‘Nanae no Aji no mise, Mejiro’. While Chef Yuki Onishi did apprentice for his father after high school, he felt that he wanted more worldly exposure. He left the shop for the luxurious world of fashion where he became a merchandiser.
    It was during his travels where he found a shocking contrast in food culture. Foreign dishes were often paired with sauces while in Japan, there is a strong culture of using dashi (soup stock) and a strong focus on umami. Inspired by this epiphany, he returned to the kitchen of his fathers’ ramen shop.
    Following his predecessor’s philosophy of only using natural ingredients, Chef Yuki Onishi eventually developed his own original ramen dishes. He opened a small 9-seater shop in Sugamo, Tokyo; called “Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta” in 2012. The name of the shop originates from Chef Yuki Onishi’s dream of nurturing ramen into a noodle dish that Japan will boast.
    Birth of Tsuta
  • Accolades

    • 2013 - Top ranking for new shops in the industry's annual TRY ('Tokyo Ramen of the Year') publication.
    • 2014 - Ramen Walker Tokyo District 23 New comer No.1. Nationwide No.1
    • 2014 - Bib Gourmand award for the 2015 MICHELIN Guide Japan
    • 2015 - Ramen Walker Tokyo District 23 No.1. Nationwide No.1
    • 2015 - One-star Michelin award for the 2016 MICHELIN Guide Japan
    • 2016 - Ramen Walker Tokyo District 23 No.1. Nationwide No.
    • 2016 - One-star Michelin award for the 2017 MICHELIN Guide Japan
    • 2017 - One-star Michelin award for the 2018 MICHELIN Guide Japan
    • 2018 - One-star Michelin awards for the 2019 MICHELIN Guide Japan


The MICHELIN guide Insider Series: Tsuta Ramen To Open In Singapore.
米其林指南飲食故事系列: 拉面店蔦进军新加坡
  • Master Creations

    Master Creations

    Chef Yuki Onishi has always been bent on creating original flavour profiles. Everything completely conceptualised by Chef Yuki Onishi with a strict adherence to natural ingredients. Months of research and experimentation come before each master creation is conceived. Every bowl is the heart and soul of Chef Yuki Onishi vision.
  • Shoyu Soba

    Shoyu Soba

    Tsuta’s signature Shoyu Soba is a distinctively original dish. Its full-bodied yet delicate taste is further enhanced with the addition of a piquant balsamic black truffle sauce. Made with a unique soy base, created from a special blend of shoyu that includes Chef Yuki Onishi ’s in-house brew, a custom-brewed shoyu from Wakayama Prefecture and a curated white shoyu sauce. All of these elements blend in elegantly with the signature dashi made from seafood and chicken, leaving a multi-layered experience for the palate.
  • Shio Soba

    Shio Soba

    Made with a harmonious blend of several seafood broths, bottarga sauce, Okinawa sea salt, Mongolian rock salt and a fragrant white truffle oil, Tsuta's Shio Soba is perfect for seafood lovers. Topped with a slice of grapefruit for a light refreshing twist.
  • Crab Soba

    Crab Soba

    Savour a taste of the ocean with the rich and complex Tsuta Crab Soba, garnished with tomato paste, leek, sour cream, and dried oregano. We highly recommend adding a crab carapace stuffed with "zuwai kani" or juicy Japanese snow crab, that has been lightly seasoned and flame-torched.
  • Tonkotsu Soba

    Tonkotsu Soba

    Rich and unctuous, this creamy white collagen-rich broth results from using premium black pork bone and trotter boiled at a high temperature and diligently simmered for hours to extract the deepest flavours possible. Hokkaido sea kelp and shiitake mushrooms are added to the broth towards the end to enrich the taste with natural umami flavours. Just before serving, a special tare(pronounced as ta-re) seasoning sauce is added to amplify the fragrant, savoury and full-bodied broth.
  • Kurobishio Tonkotsu Soba

    Kurobishio Tonkotsu Soba

    'Ma You' (burnt garlic oil) - a classic tonkotsu flavour in Japan - is specially made from scratch using a combination of aromatics including black pepper for its woody flavour and fragrant burnt(is it roasted or fermented?) garlic. The noodles are topped with homemade black pepper minced pork, fried garlic chips and black fungus mushroom for crunch. A drizzle of the piquant black Ma You gives the rich tonkotsu broth a unique garlicky and intensely earthy flavour.
  • Mala Tonkotsu Soba

    Mala Tonkotsu Soba

    Inspired by the bold, spicy flavours of Sichuan cuisine, Tsuta has developed its own unique Mala oil using Sichuan peppercorns, cinnamon, star anise, and dried chili flakes to accompany its signature pork broth. Served with homemade Mala minced pork, crushed peanuts and goji berries, the subtly spicy-and-numbing flavours will meet its match against the rich, full-bodied broth.
  • Singapore Specialty: Kamo Abura

    Teriyaki Chicken Soba

    Inspired by one of the most popular ingredients in Asia; Chicken. The dashi which comprises of chicken bones and feet is diligently boiled for five hours to extract a deep and rich collagen flavor. Complemented with Chef Yuki Onishi's special Shoyu tare to create a creamy, hearty concoction that encompasses a savoury and rich chicken taste. The essence of the dish is further amplified with our roasted teriyaki chicken. Generous slices of chicken thigh are soaked for hours in an elegant Tamari Shoyu and white wine marinate and roasted to a glazed golden brown. It is garnished over a serving of sweet corn, button mushrooms and baby leaves.
  • Singapore Specialty: Kamo Abura

    Teriyaki Chicken Spicy Soba

    Packed for a punch, our Teriyaki Chicken Spicy Soba comes in the same flavourful chicken dashi and a fragrant chili oil. Made with an inhouse recipe, the fragrant oil features a mix of chili padi,salad oil and leek. Served with roasted Teriyaki chicken that's been soaked in an elegant marinate of Tamari Shoyu and wine. The strong flavours of the dish meld together for a satisfying spicy kick that strikes you at the back of your tongue; without overwhelming the palate.


  • Ingredients Come First Ingredients Come First
  • Tsuta's Signature Dashi: Three Broths Into One Tsuta's Signature Dashi: Three Broths Into One
  • Noodles: Freshly Made Noodles: Freshly Made
  • Shoyu Sauce: Soy Special Shoyu Sauce: Soy Special
  • Shio Sauce: Salts of Life Shio Sauce: Salts of Life
  • Ajitama: Golden Goodness Ajitama: Golden Goodness
  • Menma: It's Different Menma: It's Different
  • Char Siu: Incredibly Marbled Char Siu: Incredibly Marbled


  • #02-242, 80 Airport Boulevard,
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  • Seating Capacity: 34
  • #01-17, 313 Orchard Road,
  • Opening hours: 11am to 10pm (last order 9:30pm)
  • Seating Capacity: 30
  • #B2-36A, 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City,
    Singapore 238872
  • Opening hours: 11 pm to 10 pm (last order 9:30pm)
  • Seating Capacity: 20


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